Minnesota Insurance Group can provide several insurance solutions to your many unique insurance needs.

Travel Insurance – Whether you are traveling within the USA, flying overseas or taking a cruise – whatever your next incredible adventure entails, we have the right travel insurance plans available for you. From lost luggage to canceled trips, or medical emergencies on the trip or with family at home, protect the cost of your memorable investment with Travel Insurance. Click here to get a quote.

Wedding Insurance – The financial cost of many weddings today is staggering. The average cost of a wedding on the USA today is over $30,000. Considering how many things can go wrong that are out of the control of the bride and groom, wedding insurance is an important consideration. Click here to get a quote.

Pet Insurance – We love our pets. We would do almost anything for them. And just like you and I, they get sick, get injured, develop diseases and need veterinary care at various times in their lives. Today we have many pet health insurance plan options available. Pet health insurance is an affordable way to protect against the unplanned and significant medical expenses that can happen to our favorite furry creatures. Click here to get a quote.

Jewelry Insurance – For some people, insuring their jewelry items on their homeowner’s policy, such as on a rider, makes sense for them. Unfortunately, some riders limit the coverage you have available and may not provide the replacement item you actually want, from the jeweler you actually want to buy it from. When you have hard to replace items, higher replacement cost items, larger collections or items you buy from particular or specialty brand jewelers – the insurance policy you choose will matter. Having a separate specialty jewelry insurance policy will be critical to having the full coverage limits you selected, and the options you expect if you suffer a loss and find yourself replacing the item. Click here to get a quote.

Special Event Insurance – Renting a party room at the local community center? Hosting a wedding at the Country Club? Selling your products at a local fair or community event? Hosting a speaking engagement or business tradeshow booth at an event center? Whatever special event you are involved in, if your personal or business insurance policy won’t provide the coverage, then a special event policy is the perfect solution for you. Designed for events from 1 day to multiple days throughout a year, special event policies are available for many events at a very affordable cost. Click here to get a quote.